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2016 Kia Cadenza vs. 2016 Ford Taurus

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2016 Kia Cadenza


2016 Ford Taurus

$27,713 at Yonkers Kia Mid-Level Trim Price $33,470 for Limited Trim Level (The Competition)
19, 28 MPG (City, Highway) 18, 27
293 HP 280
3,670 Curb Weight (Pounds) 3,969
106.8 Passenger Room (Cubic Feet) 102.2
36.5 Turning Circle (Feet) 39.5
10-yr/100k-mile powertrain, 5-yr/60k-mile bumper-to-bumper Warranty Coverage 5-yr/60k-mile powertrain, 3-yr/36k-mile bumper-to-bumper

If you find sedans to be stylish and appropriate for urban and highway driving, then the Kia Cadenza and Ford Taurus are both good options. The Ford Taurus has many good features and comes with a powerful brand name. The Kia Cadenza, on the other hand, features plenty of things you would want in a car – a low price tag, cool in-cabin features, and good safety and performance.


The Kia Cadenza features an 8-speed automatic transmission system, something that the Ford Taurus, with a 6-speed transmission, fails to offer. The Kia Cadenza does come with a front wheel drive like its competitor. It also offers fuel efficiency comparable to the Ford Taurus. If you are looking for a large fuel tank to reduce stoppages, the Ford Taurus might be the better choice. The Kia Cadenza is also notable for its engine output, offering 290 HP as against the 240 HP offered by the Ford Taurus. The Kia Cadenza also comes with a six-cylinder engine, and the Taurus features a four-cylinder engine. The Ford Taurus has the edge in terms of torque, but the Kia Cadenza offers good safety features. Like the Taurus, the Cadenza has anti-locking brakes and airbags for driver and passenger. However, it goes one step ahead to offer airbags for the rear row, in addition to curtain airbags.


If you are looking for interiors that will keep you snug and entertained on the drive, the Kia Cadenza is the superior choice. It features leather seats, the epitome of class and comfort. It also comes with a superb infotainment system. It shares many features with the Taurus, most notably, air conditioning, CD player, power operated door and window locks as well as power operated seats. Both cars can seat five people although the Kia Cadenza offers more legroom for drivers.

The Kia Cadenza has less cargo space than the Taurus, and if you are planning a trailer capable vehicle, then the Taurus might be a good option. That said, the Kia Cadenza with its superior performance and stylish interiors might be a draw for many buyers. The Kia Cadenza also comes with a range of other features, which you can explore when you take the car for a test drive.

Yonkers Kia can help you schedule a test drive for your car. It can also offer plenty of other services ranging from maintenance for your vehicle, high-quality Kia parts for cars, and also help in finding car loans.


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