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2016 Kia Forte vs. 2016 Ford Focus

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2016 Kia Forte


2016 Ford Focus

$15,531 at Yonkers Kia Price $14,995 (The Competition)
26, 39 MPG (City, Highway) 26, 36
145 / 173 Base HP / Top HP 123 / 160
96.2 Passenger Room (Cubic Feet) 90
34.8 Turning Circle (Feet) 36
10-yr/100k-mile powertrain, 5-yr/60k-mile bumper-to-bumper Warranty Coverage 5-yr/60k-mile powertrain, 5-yr/60k-mile bumper-to-bumper

When comparing cars, you need to look at the features, price, and safety of the vehicles. Sedans are popular owing to their looks and their superb interiors, as well as space for passengers and cargo. The sedan is particularly suitable for urban driving and is a reliable vehicle for regular commutes, shopping trips, and outstation journeys. Two noteworthy sedan type cars are the Kia Forte and the Ford Focus.


Buying the Kia Forte will help you save more money than purchasing the Ford Focus. On the other hand, the Ford Focus comes with stylish exteriors. The Kia Forte too features superb exteriors and is notable for its curving roof and a slightly higher rear part.


The cars offer similar fuel efficiency, although if you are very particular, you might choose the Ford Focus which offers one mile per gallon extra. Both cars have similar braking systems, although the Kia Forte comes with thicker brake rotors and front and rear discs. The Kia Forte also comes with a bigger fuel tank, and this is expected to help you go longer journeys without needing to refill the fuel tank. The car also has better navigation capacity owing to a smaller turn radius. The Focus offers more engine output, around 160 HP when compared to the 145 HP offered by the Kia Forte. The Kia Forte has a six-speed automatic transmission while the Ford Focus comes with a five-speed transmission. Both cars have front wheel drives.


Comfortable interiors are the hallmark of superior cars. The Kia Forte offers a superb navigation system so if you are looking for a car that can make navigation easy for you; the Kia Forte is the right vehicle. The Kia Forte also comes with a nicely designed dashboard. Not only does it enhance the looks of the interiors, but it also puts all controls within easy reach of the driver. Both cars have similar interior space for passengers, but the Kia Forte offers more head room and leg room for the front row.

The Kia Forte also comes with more cargo space so if you are looking for more storage the Kia Forte is the right choice.

The Kia Forte, with its lower price tag, impressive features, and good handling might be the right vehicle for you. You can schedule a test drive at the Yonkers Kia to find out if this car is the perfect fit for your requirements.


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