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2016 Kia Forte vs. 2016 Honda Civic

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2016 Kia Forte


2016 Honda Civic

$15,531 at Yonkers Kia Price $20,275 (The Competition)
Yes Available Heated Rear Seats / Steering Wheel? No
10-yr/100,000-mile powertrain, 5-yr/60,000-mile basic warranty Warranty Coverage 5-yr/60,000-mile powertrain, 3-yr/36,000-mile basic warranty
34.8 Curb-to-Curb Turning Circle (Feet) 35.7

The Kia Forte and the Honda Civic are both wonderful vehicles, and they offer plenty of things to ensure a smooth, comfortable ride. The Honda Civic has received a lot of good press thanks to its new design and its sophisticated looks. It has spacious interiors and can take in a lot of cargo. For people who prize space and comfort in the interiors, the Honda Civic can be a great option.

The Kia Forte, on the other hand, comes with a good price tag and plenty of features.


There are many reasons you may prefer the Kia Forte over the Honda Civic. The major reason is the price. The Kia offers a big price advantage over the Civic. In combination with the cool features of the Kia Forte, this may be a valuable reason for you to buy the car.


Kia has always offered reliable warranties on its vehicles. The Kia Forte is no different. It comes with a five-year warranty or 60,000 miles. This is much more than what the Honda Civic offers. If you are looking for coverage against expensive repairs, if necessary, later on, the Kia Forte would be a perfect choice.


The Kia Forte offers a powerful engine. One of the most outstanding features is the acceleration that the Forte offers. If you love responsive cars, the Kia Forte with its fast acceleration would be one of your top choices.


The Kia Forte comes with a superb infotainment system. People who cannot drive without their preferred music playlists can rely on this system to deliver the best. With good performance, easy to use features and many conveniences, the infotainment system is guaranteed to help drivers derive the most thrill from their journey. In addition to that, a driver assistance feature and helps drivers enjoy a safe and admirable journey.

The Kia Forte is available in three trims. One of the most anticipated features is the S trim, with its sporty design and features. Some of the other trims are notable for ultra-comfortable interiors thanks to good quality upholstery and other trendy features.

At the Yonkers Kia, you can check out some of the latest Kia vehicles, look for great deals or find pre-owned cars notable for their performance and affordability. You can also find maintenance and servicing, as well as high-quality parts for your Kia car.


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