2017 Kia Cadenza vs. 2017 Toyota Avalon

2017 Kia Cadenza vs. 2017 Toyota Avalon

2017 Kia Cadenza


2017 Toyota Avalon

$27,713 at Yonkers Kia Price $35,063 MSRP (The Competition)
290 Horsepower 268
Yes Active Lifestyle Vehicle of the Year Award? No
8-Speed Transmission 6-Speed
12 (Harman/Kardon Audio) Available Speakers 11 (JBL GreenEdge)
10-yr/100k-mile limited powertrain, 5-yr/60k-mile bumper-to-bumper Warranty Coverage 5-yr/60k-mile limited powertrain, 3-yr/36k-mile bumper-to-bumper

The Kia Cadenza and Toyota Avalon promise premium comfort and plenty of cool features. Both cars offer stylish design and a comfortable ride. A comparison of the two cars throws up interesting facts.


The Kia Cadenza costs less than the Toyota Avalon. In other words, if you are looking for a car that is well within your reach financially then the Kia Cadenza is the best choice. The price difference is not very significant, but for price-conscious buyers, every little bit counts.


The quality of the interiors offered by the Kia Cadenza beats anything the Toyota Avalon can offer. The Kia Cadenza comes with a superior design to minimize noise. Also, the interiors are fitted with top class materials. This not only offers the best performance, ensuring a comfortable journey but also ensures that in terms of looks, the interiors of the Kia Cadenza do not lack in any way. The interiors are also notable for space it offers for passengers. Both cars can accommodate five people. The Kia Cadenza offers more leg room and head room at the front row. If you are looking for interiors that are classy and stylish and offer plenty of space, the Kia Cadenza is a good choice in many ways.


In terms of size, there is not much difference in terms of length. The Kia Cadenza is, however, slightly wider. Both cars have elegant looks, the Toyota Avalon with its bold lines and large grille offering the impression of power. The Kia Cadenza on the other hand, with its streamlined design, a smaller grille, and other features, offers very contemporary looks. The cars are fitted with aluminum wheels, with the Kia Cadenza offering bigger wheels and trendy features.

The Kia Cadenza comes with more engine output, offering 290 HP against the 268 HP that the Toyota Avalon offers. The car also beats the Avalon in terms of torque, but just slightly. The Avalon offers an edge in terms of mileage, but the difference is not very big. As the Kia Cadenza offers a large fuel tank, it is expected to come with more range. Both cars have similar cargo capacities and come with front wheel drive.

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