Women's Car Perspective at Yonkers, New York Kia Dealership

Womens Perspective

Bronx Kia Dealer Women's Car Perspective

Here at Yonkers Kia our mission is to treat every visitor like an honored guest in our home and we strive to make buying a car for women as enjoyable and comfortable as possible. We treat every customer with respect and kindness. We pride ourselves on always having the lowest price whether it is for a new or pre-owned vehicle, Kia service and parts.

We always make sure you get the lowest price. Yonkers Kia is committed to serving our New York friends and customers via Internet and we look forward to hearing from you. Simply search our Kia new or preowned inventory and submit your Quote Request. Our experienced customer service staff will be more than happy to assist you with the purchase of your vehicle and your financing needs. If you are lucky enough to already be a Kia owner be sure to stop by and take advantage of our state of the art Service and Parts departments.

Women Behind the Wheel

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The Women of Yonkers Kia posing in front of the 2015 Kia Cadenzas.

The name Kia, is derived from the Chinese term “Ki” meaning to rise above or come out.* For years women all over the world have fought, and continue to fight, to rise above gender stereotypes, and be respected as more than housewives and homemakers. To be respected as equals and make their mark in work place and the community. At Yonkers Kia, women are afforded the opportunity for employment in every department from service, to business development, to finance and sales. Kia Motors is a pioneer in giving women the opportunity to present themselves as valuable members of it’s company. From sponsoring the women’s cricket team in England, to the Women’s Professional Golf Association Tournament right here in Westchester, Kia continues to support the rise and growth of women around the globe.

Women At Work

It’s no secret that most women wear many hats. At Yonkers Kia, all of our ladies play an important part in the day to day operations of our dealership.

Latoya is the manager of our business development center. She specializes in maximizing profits by exhausting every possible resource to obtain qualified leads to pass on to our sales department. Latoya is one of our many success stories; starting out as an internet specialist her work ethic and performance quickly set her apart and reflected positively in her sales numbers.

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Betsy, our Warranty manager is another rising star of our dealership. Her hard work and dedication, combined with her ability to manage multiple tasks in a timely manner landed her, her current title. On a daily basis she juggles two positions as both an internet specialist and warranty manager, reaffirming her worth and demonstrating versatility and eagerness to hone her craft and progress within our company.

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Naomi holds an extremely important position as our Financial Controller. Some of her duties include payroll, preparing quarterly financial reports and summaries and, bank reconciliation. Naomi began her journey in the car business as a receptionist. Being a fast learner she quickly picked up various skills eventually landing herself a position as bookkeeper. After bookkeeping, it wasn’t long before she was given the responsibility of handling all financial aspects of our dealership. Since being placed in her current position, Naomi has excelled and continues to progress, inspiring other young women in the company to do the same.

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